IX Squadron - RAF Honington, Suffolk, UK

RAF Honington was opened in May 1937. It was an expansion period airfield and planned as a major bomber station which was allocated to No. 3 Group. It had the usual layout of an arc of C-Type hangars plus a range of brick built support buildings. The airfield itself was of grass.

Initially the station was home to 77 Squadron and 102 Squadron which had moved, with their respective Wellesley and Heyford aircraft, from Finningley in Yorkshire.

The following year 75 Squadron and 215 Squadron, equipped with Harrow aircraft, took over as the resident units, and by the mid 1939 they had been re-equipped with Vickers Wellingtons. 

Another change of units resulted in IX Squadron being based at RAF Honington and this is the Squadron most associated with war time operations from the base. The Squadron and their Wellingtons were airborne from day one of the war and remained at RAF Honington until August 1942.

IX Squadron Wellington Aircraft and Aircrew that took part in The Battle of Heligoland Bight 18th December 1939

We are in contact with family members of the following IX Squadron crew members:

        F/O Allison                                    F/O Bailey                              Cpl Black

        P/O Bourne                                  Sgt Brister                               LAC Cox

        LAC Dickie                                     Sgt Douglas                            Sgt English

        AC2 Fawcett                                  F/Sgt Fearnside                      F/Lt I.P. Grant          AC1 Gratton                                   LAC Horry                               LAC Key                      P/O Lines                                      Sgt Mason                               LAC O'Neill                Sgt Petts                                        AC1 Polhill                               Sgt Purdy                  Sgt Ramshaw                                AC2 R.W. Smith                      Sgt Turnbull             Sgt Wheatley

 We would still like to make contact with family members of the              following IX Squadron crew members:   


         F/O J.E. Atkinson                        LAC G.C. Balch            F/O J.T.I. Challes

         LAC D.J. Connolly                       AC1 C.R. Driver            LAC A.G. Goodenough

         S/Ldr A.J. Guthrie                       P/O G.G. Heathcote    Sgt R. Hewitt                         LAC R. Jackson                           AC1 F.S. Kemp              Sgt W.S. Kitson                     LAC W. Lilley                               F/O W.J. Macrae          LAC T.L. Marlin                     Sgt  C.T. Murphy                         LAC J. Peters                Sgt B.J. Pickess                     P/O J.A. Pritchard                      Sgt P.W. Robertson      AC1 A. Telfer                         Sgt H.W. Tyrrell                            AC2 C. Walker               Cpl J. Ware                            AC1 C.L. Williams

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