149 Squadron - RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk, UK

RAF Mildenhall was established in the 1930s as part of the airfield expansion programme. It opened in October 1934 and is known by locals as Beck Row after the nearby village. It had a concrete runway surface. 99 Squadron were the initial residents equipped with the Handley Page Heyford which was a biplane. One flight then became 38 Squadron the following year and they were also equipped with the Fairey Hendon night-bombers which was the first all-metal low-wing monoplane to enter service. In 1935 the airfield hosted 350 RAF aircraft for the Silver Jubilee Review by King George V, which served to demonstrate RAF air power to visiting German military. At this time the majority of the aircraft were biplanes. 

In April 1937 149 Squadron was re-formed from B-flight of 99 Squadron. It had originally been formed in 1918 but disbanded in 1919. A fourth unit, 211 Squadron was formed later in the year but departed the base by that September. By January 1939 149 Squadron were equipped with the more advanced Vickers Wellington. 149 Squadron remained at RAF Mildenhall until April 1942.

149 Squadron Wellington Aircraft and Aircrew that took part in The Battle of Heligoland Bight 18th December 1939

Note: There was a 6th crew member in aircraft N2943 - LAC Greig

We are in contact with family members of the following 149 Squadron crew members:

       Sgt Austin                            P/O R.E.C.J. Beeny       F/O Briden

       P/O W.S.F.Brown               AC1 Coalter                     P/O Cruickshank                         AC1 Doxey                            AC2 Foster                      AC2Francis                                   Sgt Hammond                     S/Ldr Harris                   AC2 Hoey                                     W/C Kellett                          AC2 Leighton                 Sgt Parker                                     LAC Prior                            Sgt Richardson               Lt/Cdr Rotherham (RN)             LAC Sinton


       We would still like to make contact with family members of the following 149 Squadron crew members:   


       Sgt R. Ballantyne               LAC Bingham

       LAC A.A. Brown                 F/O H.L. McL. Bulloch             F/Lt Duguid

       AC2 W.J. Ellis                     AC1 H. Gillott                            AC2 A.G. Gouldson

       AC2 J. Graydon                 LAC W. Greig                            AC2 D.H. Grove

       Sgt Hough  (RN)                P/O H.A. Innes                         Sgt R.T. Johns

       F/Sgt Kelly                          Sgt D.J. Kirkness                      P/O F.N. Lines

       Sgt McLeod                        AC1 J.J. Mullineaux                  Sgt J.C. Murdoch

       Sgt R.E. Osbourne             F/O A.F. Riddlesworth             AC2 T.E. Smith

       F/O J.H.C. Speirs               F/O F.W.S. Turner                   AC1 P.J. Warren

       AC2 G. Watson                   Sgt H.J. Wheller                       AC2 Williams 

       Sgt F.A. Woodcock                                                        


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